Build Muscle


No-one ever rapped about a flat butt!

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Tone, sculpt, build, and everything else

Ursa is what I was looking for.  I wanted a mix of cardio and weightlifting and I wanted something that was competitive but also had strong community involvement. Ursa was the right choice and that is why I have stuck with it.

Weight Before Ursa: 205lbs
Current Weight: 184lbs
Waist Before Ursa: 36.5 inches
Current waist size: 32inches


The Path To Success

There are numerous lifestyle, health and fitness factors required to achieve your goals

For 180 days you will learn about them piece by piece, initiate them week by week, and work on them consistently


What EVERYBODY needs to achieve there goals, but NOBODY talks about


When and how to initiate the important factors of lifestyle, health and fitness


The key to it all, you’ll find how to enjoy and maintain what you’ve started

By walking our path, you’re guaranteed success

Ursa has helped me to overcome many of my obstacles both mentally and physically, through strength training and diet.

I’m held accountable for sticking to a routine and being consistent with their programming.

It’s a great place to begin Crossfit for both beginner and/or any level.

They will make you comfortable from the moment you walk in the door.


Monthly Value of CrossFit Ursa

$1,080 – $Priceless


Professional Programming

$100 – $250

Place to Workout


Expert Coaching


Community & Accountability


All Yours For

$139 – $229 / month

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So you know you want CrossFit now ... but you really need to brush up on basic movements and barbell technique.  No problem!  We'll set-up four 1-on-1 coaching sessions for 75% off with purchase of a 6-month 3-day/week membership or greater.

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