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The right person will solve our desire to enroll new members, coach and service our members to reach their personal goals, and coach group fitness classes across a diverse range of experienced and inexperienced athletes. You will guide members to excel beyond their wildest dreams…  It requires you to be skilled in the art of encouragement, motivation, engagement, and communication.

Responsibilities include articulating specialized fitness programming, informing members and prospective members about our specialized fitness programs, executing an educational strength and conditioning class for our members and assisting in community development and upcoming events..  As well as fulfilling both opening and closing duties to help preserve the presentation and longevity of our facilities.


  • 3-8 hours a week of coaching
  • 1.5-3  hour work shifts
  • Fulfill opening/closing gym responsibilities
  • Manage a membership roster
  • Answer phones, manage email accounts, and inform prospective members
  • Encourage participation in community events
  • Assist in organization and execution of community events
  • Communicate class feedback and findings to Operations Manager for further business improvement
  • Provide knowledgeable blog content to educate our members on lifestyle, health and fitness topics
  • Stimulate social media interaction that aligns with our team values and vision


  • CPR certification required (within 30 days of employment)
  • CrossFit Level 1 (current or plan to register within 30 days of hire)
  • Ursa Coach Development (registration upon hire)
  • Experience running or managing a business or group, leading a team, being apart of a team, and/or being a Coach, Personal Trainer


  • Prior to coaching unassisted or carrying out business driven job duties, the Coach will train with a mentor coach to ensure their success in the position.
  • Coaches are expected to keep fitness trainings up to date per CrossFit Ursa guidelines


  • Continuing education development
  • Service/Merchandise Discounts
  • Ursa Apparel


  • People management: The ideal applicant will have prior experience conducting group fitness classes.  The qualification minimum applicant will have a high acumen of organizing and leading groups of 10 – 40 people through clear, concise, and motivating communication.  
  • Effective Communicator: The ideal applicant will have prior experience communicating corrective cues necessary to improve client movement patterns in order to promote safety and efficiency. The qualification minimum applicant will be a high level communicator with the ability to connect brain to mouth, produce smiles, garnish trust and earn respect from clients. Applicants must demonstrate english as their primary language
  • Basic computer skills: The qualification minimum applicant will be competent with social media, learning how to navigate service as a software platforms as well as the ability to effectively utilize basic office applications such as google docs and sheets.
  • Professionally Habituated: The qualification minimum applicant will consider “15 minutes early” to be “on time”, treats the company, team, and clients with respect as well as retains all the other B.S. motivational poster requirements that should go without saying. 
  • Passionate about fitness: The ideal applicant will have multiple certifications.  The qualification minimum applicant will already be living a healthy and fit lifestyle, continually quenching their thirst for health and fitness knowledge, and willing to invest more time and energy into improving their craft.
  • Align with CrossFit Ursa Core Values:
    • Initiate Action: From trash on the floor to injurious clients-when problems are recognized, plans to solve, adapt and overcome are formulated and initiated.
    • Be A FinisherWe hold ourselves to an extreme sense of accountability.  No one passes the buck nor places blame. Nothing gets in the way of following through with what we said we would finish.
    • Team First: First consideration must always be given to how such action will impact the team.  One-way check valves and individually minded people will not enjoy their brief time at CrossFit Ursa.
    • Don’t Be A DickOne need not be Mother Mary nor the source of solace for all problems.  But all must recognize the difference between frankness and bluntness, be enjoyable to be around, and treat all with the respect earned.
  • No conflict of interest:  Those not willing make CrossFit Ursa their sole fitness training employment (outside of organized youth sports) demonstrate a conflict of interest and need not apply.  Those currently involved in multi-level marketing with any product or service, demonstrate a conflict of interest and need not apply.


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