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On the journey of becoming a healthier and fitter you

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What is CrossFit Ursa?


Ursa is short for “Ursa Major”, or better known as the “Big Dipper” constellation.

For hundreds of years, vikings used the Big Dipper as a tool to guide them to their destination.

We will guide your journey to achieving all of your health and fitness goals.

The Ursa Difference

3 things Ursa does better than any place else

It’s not your fault that other programs have failed you.

CrossFit Ursa will fill in everything you’ve been missing in order to get you where you want to be


Learn about the factors every health and fitness goal needs, but nobody talks about

We pride ourselves on being the local experts on exercise and nutrition

Not because of the certificates we hold …

But because of our ability to TEACH YOU


Create habits well beyond exercise and nutrition

Busting your butt and eating right is only part of the puzzle

Lifestyle habits are equally as important

Not only will you learn about these lifestyle factors

You’ll also learn how and when to implement them


Consistency is the key to it all

You’ll need to do more than learn and implement

You’ll need to actually ENJOY what your doing

We make health and fitness fun and manageable

At Ursa you’ll love your healthier and fitter lifestyle

Continue Progressing Forward

I was fumbling through a drawer at home today and came across the Measurement Tracker I started on Day 1 of the first Crossfit Ursa Habit Challenge last fall (Dated October 13). I remember going into it with a positive attitude ready to make a permanent change.

I avoid tracking certain measurements, weight specifically, because it often has a negative outcome when I don’t see the result I was hoping for. I much prefer to just take a photo every few months and compare the differences visually.

I decided to fill out the second half of the tracker today just for kicks to see what has changed in the past 289 days. I was pleasantly surprised to find I am down 13 1/2 inches and 15 1/2 pounds since the challenge started. Neither of these numbers are astronomical when you figure it’s been 9 months, but it is solid progress in the right direction. What feels great is knowing I finally found something I enjoy enough to stick with it for so long without skipping a beat. It truly has become habit and overall lifestyle change at this point. I still follow a Paleo diet, workout daily, take my fish oil, sleep 8+ hours, drink 100+ ounces of water, and overall I feel fantastic.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting unattainable short term goals. Focus on becoming a better you and keep grinding away and the results will come!


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Your Guide


On the journey of becoming a healthier and fitter you

Start your journey: click here